Message from the Bella Bella Community School Society

On behalf of the Bell Bella Community School Society and staff, we would like to welcome you to the 2013 - 2014 school year!

School enables children to acquire the skills they need to work and live successfully within the larger community. Our school philosophy is to instill in each child, a love for lifelong learning. Our school seeks to provide a safe environment where each student can reach his or her potential within the British Columbia Education Curriculum within the context of the Heiltsuk First Nation culture, language, and values. We strive to provide a positive climate through supportive parental/adult involvement and through a dedicated, collaborative and approachable staff. The school community intends to work together to create a spirit of belonging, independence, generosity and personal mastery.

The Bella Bella Community School society encourages parents to promote the importance of education – to prepare children to view school positively and to come to school ready and eager to engage in a wide range of learning activities. Parents, students and staff enter into a partnership to ensure quality learning for all. We are committed to developing responsible and respectful young people.

To the students, our school offers many opportunities for emotional, intellectual, physical and social growth. We believe that we can make the school experience a positive one for those who engage with all this is presented in classes. We are hopeful that this year will be successful for all students, allowing them to make the best of each opportunity, to seek knowledge and understanding, to participate in the variety of school activities, to make great friends and to enjoy life as it can be at BBCS.

Have a great Year!

Marilyn Hall & Alida Reid 

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